Attractive apartments Palm Harbor

Perfect apartments

Apartments in Palm Harbor is one of the perfect apartments of world in terms of location, sizes and payment schedules. Some of the perfect options offered in the apartments of Palm Harbor are:

Protected Antique Flooring

The apartments of Palm Harbor provide you the best types of flooring according to your demands, likings and standards of living. These apartments have creative, artistic and antique designs which are very fascination and significant for the people who love art and innovations. Different types of protected floors are designed keeping in mind the priorities of every kind of customer.

Lighting Services

Lighting systems or lighting services are best in Palm Harbor Apartments. Awesome lighting systems are inserted in the kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, swimming pools and every area which comes within the apartment. In some apartments, bronze curved track lights or white track lights are injected which give a charming affect. Hanging lights and Fluorescent lights look very beautiful and immense.


The cabinets in these apartments are of variant types and the hardware of cabinets are of good standards including imperial and protected standards. The types of cabinets available in some of the apartments are Optional V- Grooved Glass Cabinets, Hutch Base Cabinets, Wet Bar Cabinets, large entertainment cabinets and cabinets with laundry tubs in kitchens.

Beautiful Bathtubs

The varieties and sizes of bathtubs in the Palm Harbor Apartments are Standard 54 inches shower tub, Standard 60 inches shower tub, standard garden tubs for some floor plans, Corner tubs, Drop in tubs with protected coverings, Diplomat Shower and Island tubs surrounded with tiles and Drop in Corner tubs with surrounded beautiful tiles.

Exterior and Interior Doors

The exterior and interior doors of the apartments are beautiful and protected doors. Some apartments have Oval shape doors, while some have doors with side light windows. Cottage design exterior doors are also very famous for rental apartments. The interior doors of the Apartments in Palm Harbor are Colonial doors, standard doors with door knob, cottage doors, and standard doors with liver knob, interior French doors and Bi Fold doors.

Kitchen and bathroom have beautiful kitchen and bathroom tiles. Some luxurious and valued apartments have antique tile floorings and artistic tile walls. The color selections of the tiles, paints, floors and furniture are wonderful and faultless. The color scheme of all the things in apartments is matched with best contrasting colors.