Apartments Palm Harbor to Live In

Apartments Palm Harbor to Live In


Apartments Palm Harbor categorizes in different varieties of apartments depending upon their sizes, locations, luxuries and standards of living. Out of all these categories, one category is Three Bedrooms Luxury Apartments in Palm Harbor

Luxurious Three Bedrooms Apartments in Palm Harbor:

There are many beautiful and luxurious rental apartments in Palm Harbor which fulfill the criteria of three bedroom plans. These apartments are large and of great significance in terms of their reputed features and luxurious facilities for the residents.

  1. 619 Still Meadows Cir N:

These apartments have floor plans of three bedrooms and two bathrooms. These apartments are located in the hidden meadows as their name indicates. Quite neighborhoods, beautiful ponds and large screened porch is of great significance and charm. The family rooms of these apartments are consisted of wood burning fore place, beautiful walk in closets and eye-catching arrangements. The area is 1776 square feet with exclusive designs and plans for the suitable needs and requirements of customers.

  1. 2104 Citrus Hill Ln:

The advance remodeled rental homes with interesting surroundings and attractive neighborhoods. These rental houses have three bedrooms, two bathrooms and two garages within them. Nicely painted, carpeted, laminated homes with antique design tiles, remodeled cabinets, swimming pools, backyard patios, lawns and walk in closets. The kitchen appliances consisted of refrigerators, microwaves, burning stoves and dish washers. Living areas are open and have much storage space in them. The area of these apartments Palm Harborconsists of 1535 square feet.

  1. 2606 Country Grove Blvd:

These apartments have three bedroom plans with two bathrooms and two garages. These apartments are located in the perfect and beautiful locations with the high standards of living amenities. Restaurants, resorts, parks and destinations are easily accessible because these apartments are very close to all these places. Garage parking is one of the significant facilities for the residents and renter or paying guests and for those who own cars and automotive vehicles. The security deposit for the availability of these three bedrooms apartments currently is $1300.

  1. 3875 Nighthawk Dr:

Another important name when it comes to three bedrooms luxurious apartments is 3875 Nighthawk Dr Apartments. These are beautifully located and designed apartments in Palm Harbor. These apartments have many sub divisions for rental homes. These rental apartments are nicely indoor and outdoor painted areas and their different branches are close to many restaurants and shopping malls. The rental price is $1395 per month and the area is 1035 square feet. Pets are not allowed in these apartments.